Monday, December 3, 2007

Fake Farts at Walmart

They actually pulled it off getting some strange looks from the other shoppers. Department stores are one of the worst places to get caught farting, though you can always walk away and leave that hefty odder.

Farting in Walmart

Whoopee Cushion Implants

"Have I got them level?" looked promising but seem to fail some what, didn't get that fart noise I was expecting.

Whoopee Cushion Implants

Friday, November 30, 2007

Larry King Farts on Air

When it comes to celebrity farts I'd rather it not be someone like Larry King, why you ask, well because I don't find that idea to funny but say if it were someone like Paris Hilton, now that would be classic.

Anyway, I just saw this video of the tom green show were some dude was claiming that Larry King Farts a lot on air and that there was Larry King fart video traders on youtube, I just had to investigate that claim.

Turns out there ain't no Larry King fart traders, barely any LK fart videos on youtube at all.

Tom Green Live - Larry King Farts

Below is the only decent one I could find and frankly I think it's his chair.

Larry King Farts: LIVE

Friday, November 23, 2007

Erik Estrada Farts

Erik Estrada on Armed & Famous farts while wrestling a cop, looked one of those uncontrollable farts that all you can do is laugh while it's gushing out, done a few of those in my life time.

Erik Estrada Farts

Fat Bastard Fart Scene

Fat Bastard Fart Scene, ain't nothing like your own.

Fat Bastard - Maybe..

Most Farted

A most haunted spoof, most farted, it just fits so well and the video is edited superbly.

Most Farted (Most Haunted Spoof)

Face Fart by everyone

Unsuspecting sleeping fella gets face farted on by a room full of dudes. Surely he should have known something would have happened if he fell asleep.

The Fartage

Farts on Fire, this ones pretty big

Bloody huge fart fire, even does a little backdraft and burns his bung hole.Fart fires actually seem pretty dangerous.

The biggest fart light ever

Farting in Starbucks

Quick fart on the way out of Starbucks. mmm smell them roasting beans.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Farts on Fire, Spectacular flame thrower but

Looks like a fake to me, but dang does he have that fart of fire, even lights a candle with it, he should have a license to grill.

Fire Fart

Farting Celebs, do pretty girls fart?

An unaired Mythbusters clip exploring the myth "do pretty girls fart" using long time Mythbuster Kari Byron as the test subject. Took awhile but they did settle it, pretty girls do actually fart.

MythBusters - Do Pretty Girls Fart?

Farts on Fire, Smokin

Spectacular displays of fart fires, at least they did better than the dudes in the last farting video.

Lighter Farts

Farts on Fire, At least they're trying.

Compilation video of dudes trying to light their farts on fire, nothing spectacular, but it does show it's harder than one might imagine.


Farts on Fire, this one goes completely wrong

This guy is trying to light his fart on fire when it goes completely wrong, very disgusting though very funny.

WARNING: not for those with weak stomachs.

Fire Fart Gone Bad - Extremely Bad!

Face Fart, rude awakening

Dude gets a rude awakening with a little face fart. The look on the dudes face, do I smell roast potatoes?

Mike gets a rude awakening


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